mobile pond aerator is an unique aquaculture equipment for fish farming and shrimp farming

Agents / Distributors Wanted – New Business Opportunities

AQUASPURT mobile pond aerator prides itself on already having several overseas
customers in the aquaculture field.

With 4 regional clients (Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, and Korea),
we are still very excited about the potential opportunity to
expand our profitable business into new countries and markets
across the globe.

Any ambitious business corporations are welcome to be
our supportive partners. Read More 

4 in 1 Multifunctional

Use as pond aerator

* Generating plenty of dissolved oxygen
* Mobility

Use as submersible pump

* Eliminating harmful chemical materials
* Boost the survival rate of aquatic animals
* Energy saving

Use as dewatering pump

* Water drainage

Use as feed tossing equipment

* Intelligent feed tossing function

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6 Benefits

  • Increase your catch yield
  • Reduce the electrical cost
  • Boost the survival rate of aquatic animals
  • Accelerate the growing speed of aquatic animals
  • Shorten the harvest period
  • Decrease the working hours of human resources